Cost Share



A Word About Cost

We don't really like the term "Camp due," as it is often called, and it certainly should not be thought of as a fee paid for services rendered. Rather, we refer to it as a cost share that we all contribute collectively to maximize the creation of an amazing experience for Entheos campers and the entire Burning Man Community. Working together we eat healthier, stay cleaner, remain cooler, reduce our carbon footprint and produce more magic on the Playa. Entheos is the home we make with new and old friends who have become family in the desert and lifelong connections. Ultimately, the camp cost share enables us to create really high quality interactivity for Black Rock City while saving everyone considerable money on the basics of surviving in the desert through Communal Effort.

You should clearly understand that the majority of your camp cost share does not go toward resources for you (food, water, showers, etc.) but rather the majority goes towards the public interactivity that we collectively create to give as a gift to Black Rock City. This is fundamental to being a member of a placed theme camp at Burning Man. Different camps do different things at different scales and all of those differences add variety to Black Rock City. Here at Entheos we create large scale interactivity 24/7 during the entire Burning Man event. If you want to be a part of a community that is creating and giving a gift that is bigger than yourself then we would like to meet to you.

Entheos 2019 Camp Cost Share

The basic cost share for Entheos ranges from significantly lower than a Low Income Burning Man Ticket to a slightly higher than a FOMO Burning Man Ticket. This range is based upon financial need/ability and it also recognizes past year volunteer participation in the Entheos community. We offer a low income camp cost share to persons who are awarded a low income ticket to Burning Man and we maintain the same proportion of low income camp positions to total camp positions as the proportion of Low Income Burning Man Tickets to total Burning Man Tickets.


Camp Cost Share Schedule for 2019

Base Camp Cost Share

The regular 2019 Base Camp Cost Share is X and is calculated as follows:

  • Before July 31st, the 2019 Base Camp Cost Share is X per person; unless the person has received a Low Income Ticket from Burning Man, in which case the Base Camp Cost Share is reduced to 25% of X.

  • After August 7th, the 2019 Base Camp Cost Share for Late Registration is X plus 25% of X per person.

  • After August 14th, the 2019 Base Camp Cost Share for Late Registration is X plus 50% of X per person.

Volunteer Appreciation Gift

The current year Base Camp Cost Share may then be further reduced by one of the following Volunteer Appreciation Gifts:

  • A 25% reduction for Returning Members in Good Standing, which may be offered as a thank you gift for excellent camp participation last year (completing a minimum of 12 volunteer shift hours on-Playa during the event plus 8 hours of Strike/LNT), or;

  • A 50% reduction for Committed Creator Members in Good Standing, which may be offered as a thank you gift for outstanding camp and community participation last year (qualifying as a Returning Member in Good Standing plus participating an additional 100 hours with Entheos projects over the past year).

These thank you gifts are based upon, and in alignment with, the Burning Man Organization volunteer appreciation model (which thanks significant volunteer participation in the previous year with discounted or free Burning Man tickets for the current year).

Modified Camp Cost Share

The Modified Camp Cost Share equals the Base Camp Cost Share minus the Volunteer Appreciation Gift.

Camping Support Option

The primary registrant for an RV, tent or special structure chooses a Camping Support Option. Any secondary registrants who are sharing the same RV, tent or special structure will receive a companion pass for that shared Camping Support Option at no additional cost.

The Camping Support Options and their relative cost are as follows:

  • A Placed RV with Power (30 Amp) is an amount equal to X.

  • A Placed Tent with Shade and Power (20 Amp) is an amount equal to X minus 70% of X.

  • A Placed Special Structure is an amount equal to X minus 90% of X.

  • A Walk-in or Self-Reliant Camp Spot is an amount equal to X minus 100% of X.

  • A Companion Pass to any shared Camping Support Option is an amount equal to X minus 100% of X.

Total Camp Cost Share

Your Total Camp Cost Share is the sum of your Modified Camp Cost Share plus your Camping Support Option.

Q: Why don't you just tell us the exact costs in numbers rather than giving us formulas?

A: We want to welcome campers who are looking for a genuine connection with other people rather than merely shopping for amenities. We don't want to make it easy for people to shop, we want to encourage them to connect. So reach out and introduce yourself, tell us why Entheos feels like an interesting place for you to Participate at Burning Man, and then decide if you want to contribute your time, talent and treasure to what this Community is creating together through Communal Effort.