About Us

Entheos is a new, old camp. The name is new, but this camp has existed for many years on playa as [The] Love Camp, under the former leadership of Jim-dandy!. Over the last two years, the camp has evolved significantly from a small kitchen with a discrete group of friends to a camp of 150 new and veteran Burners from all over the globe. In 2016, Logistic took the helm with a dedicated Steering Committee (Jim-dandy!, Sassafras, Big Sexy, Tree Love and Trance) to capture and give focus to the dreams and vision of the camp’s members.

In classical speculation on art, the inspired genius was said to be entheos, “filled with god,” and because he utters divine words, able to give “birth to beauty.” Enthusiasm is the being [Greek: entheos], or inspired by some god. Entheos evokes the rising of the spirit within, and by it we mean that the authentic self, the creative, artistic and passionate being of a person is the true source of their divinity and inspiration. From the Greek word Entheos is derived the English word “enthusiasm” and we have also seen the evolution of the words “entheogen” and “entheogenic” to refer to natural medicines with psychedelic properties that expand one’s understanding and experience of the spiritual self.

We are a group of builders, engineers, doctors, artists, musicians, dancers, chefs and life nomads from all walks of life. Many of us actively participate in shamanic healing communities and facilitate experience with consciousness awakening natural and indigenous medicines. Entheos welcomes new Burners with a commitment to enculturation of the Burning Man principles, invites participants from many cultural and international backgrounds, is an LBGTQ+ safe space and celebrates diversity amongst its members.


Here are some of the amazing things going on this year:

Monday thru Sunday from 10-11am: Entheos invites old friends and new friends to join us for amazing food and social time in our state-of-the-playa kitchen.

Monday thru Friday at 8:00pm: Entheos hosts Sunset Kava Ceremony. The Soulistica crew joined our camp in 2016 and members will return to provide a holistic healing center to the larger Burning Man community. We are building a 40' diameter, 17' high dome as well as a climate controlled ceremony space. The Kava ceremonies, coupled with sound and light healing technologies, will help to realign you and prepare you for celebrating through the night at the Burn.

Monday thru Friday from 9-11pm: Entheos hosts House on Fire. Become the star of a nightly video art production with electrifying music, fire spinning, music/performance stage and artistic lighting. Each night's video art production will be emailed to participants after the burn as well as being featured nightly on playa.

Monday from 7-9pm: Entheos hosts Ballroom Partner Dancing. Great ballroom dancing and lessons appropriate for all partner dancing and grinding.

Tuesday and Friday from 5-8pm: Entheos hosts the Sexy Barista Party on Fire. Our sexy baristas will serve up hot and cold coffee with your favorite cordials while you dance to deep beats with our fire flow dancers (21+ for alcohol).

Thursday from 2-4pm: Entheos hosts a Brazilian Caipiroska Bar with Sexy Samba Dancing. Dance your way across the stage to earn a cool, refreshing drink as your reward (21+ for alcohol).

Friday from 9-11pm: Entheos hosts Techno Fire. Our camp DJs will turn up the Entheos stage and hold down the vibe while the fire conclave Hellfire Society will be our guests, joining our own camp fire dancers, to burn the night.

The Entheos stage will be open to additional live performances and our Art Dome will be a space for a series of classes on Holistic Healing, Entheogens, Consciousness and Spiritual Awaking. These events will be added to the Burning Man activity guide as we finalize scheduling.


Camping Shade: This year we are increasing and expanding our 4,400 square foot shade structure for our campers. No need for make-shift tarps tied to your car or pop-ups that blow away. Playa tested and has held up to 80mph winds while NOTHING moved inside. This year, rather than a single massive shade structure, we will create a series of 1,200 square foot themed shade pods which campers will customize as micro neighborhoods within the camp.

Kitchen: The camp prepares two major meals per day at breakfast and supper. Healthy, organic and delicious with options for omnivores and vegans.

Showers: Our solar showers provide the means to wash off the dust and manage the grey water.

Art Dome: The 40' diameter dome is filled with sound and light at frequencies that create a relaxing, healing vibe.

Ritual Dome: A climate-controlled space for massage, meditation, healing ceremonies, spiritual journeys and radical ritual.

Stage: Our mobile stage, backed by an impressive sound system and integrated lighting, is the platform for performances, DJs and interactive mischief.

Art: Entheos will bring two large scale art pieces to playa this year. The Eye of Horus created by our camp member Trance and a 10' tall set of matching fire art Twin Flame Kundalini to frame the entrance to our public camp space.