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Entheos @ Burning Man

Entheos is a placed theme camp in good standing that produces 24/7 interactivity for all citizens of Black Rock City. While founded in the United States, the Entheos Community now has over 600 members in 35 countries. At Burning Man each year we reserve one third of our camp space for people who are completely new to Entheos (both Burning Man virgins and veterans). Our chosen approach to Radical Inclusion has enabled us to develop an extraordinarily diverse group of members from around the globe. Entheos is an easy camp to join for the very first time. Genuine, committed Participation is the only requirement for being invited to camp with us again in subsequent years. In 2019, we are welcoming 365 returning and new campers. Together, this all-volunteer camp is Gifting over 10,000 hours to create, build, operate and strike our public interactivity.

Radical Self-reliance and Decommodification at this scale require Communal Effort to efficiently build a camp in Black Rock City without dependence upon outside vendors. The resources we have are the resources we collectively acquire, create, transport, build, operate, strike and store for ourselves. Resources like: a kitchen that prepares over 700 breakfast and dinner meals daily; showers to get clean; a power grid for tents and RVs; communal shade; potable water; kitchen and shower grey water; a satellite kitchen and ample space to play and lounge. Through our collective work and funding we keep ourselves healthy and energetic for our primary mission of producing 24/7 interactivity as a gift to Black Rock City.

Because we are dispersed across many states and countries around the world, we all contribute various amounts of time, talent and treasure to share in creating Entheos for Burning Man before we reach the Playa. About 100 of our members will be in Black Rock City the week before Burning Man, many of whom will volunteer 60 or more hours on Playa to build camp before Opening Day. During the event itself, to remain in good standing, all members of camp both volunteer a minimum of 12 hours to staffing the camp interactivity/operations and they also help with striking camp to Leave No Trace.

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